Immigration Law

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration Law is the practice of law governing the entry, admission, and status of people wishing to transit through, reside in, or become citizens of the United States. Immigration is highly regulated and requires knowledge of and compliance with constantly evolving federal government policies and programs.

How can YLG help?

We help foreign nationals enter, live, work, and invest in U.S. businesses and projects. We advise on immigration options and paths depending on the particular needs of our clients.

There are different vehicles allowing for immigration into the United States. The most common way to immigrate to the U.S. is with a family visa; however, many international citizens are now taking advantage of other government programs, such as EB-5 investments, to obtain visas and build their family wealth and legacies here.

The EB-5 program is an attractive immigration option for retirees, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other high net worth individuals who are able to make an investment according to the EB-5 regulations and wish to move through the immigration process much faster than other paths where petitions may take up to 15 years.

To learn more about your immigration possibilities, contact us so we can discuss your specific situation and available options. Please schedule a 15 minute phone call.

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