Sports and Entertainment Law

What is Sports and Entertainment Law?

Sports and Entertainment Law is legal services to the Sports and Entertainment industry. Sports and Entertainment Law often overlaps with other areas such as labor, antitrust, and intellectual property law. The practice often involves questions of employment law, contract law, torts, labor law, bankruptcy law, immigration, securities law, security interests, agency, right of privacy, defamation, advertising, criminal law, tax law, and insurance law.

How can YLG help?

YLG is able to negotiate on your behalf, draft contracts, and structure deals in way that provides the most benefit to our clients. We are also able to protect the interests of our clients when deals go bad or breach or infringement occurs. In addition, YLG can provide resources and guidance to assist with financial planning.

Legal issues can arise at any stage. That’s why formal contracts are needed to set forth the respective rights of the parties involved. If you’re asked to sign a contract, it is important that you seek legal advice first so that the terms can be reviewed for compliance with the law and negotiated in your best interest.

Standardized form contracts do not work in the Sports and Entertainment industry. Every athlete, artist, agent, manager, or other party to these contracts brings a unique set of attributes to the deal. Attempting to use a one-size-fits-all contract can sabotage an otherwise promising career, relationship, or collaboration. We specialize in drafting contracts that accurately reflect the expectations of the parties and comply with the nuances of the law.

If you need assistance with the legal aspects of a Sports or Entertainment deal, or if you are facing the prospect of a lawsuit, there may be more at stake than just money. Your reputation and career may be in jeopardy as well. Contact YLG today to discuss your options.

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