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"It's a pleasure to help our clients secure their most cherished assets."

-Shane Jasmine Young, Esq.


We had an excellent experience. We really appreciated the caring manner in which we were treated. Each meeting was productive, informative and pleasant. Shane put us at ease immediately and very effectively shared her expertise with us in a way that was easy to understand and gave us confidence that we had made the correct selection in our choice of attorney. Shane connected with us on a personal level which made it easier to share personal family information. Nicole was also very friendly and helpful throughout the process.

Alexandria Bromell

I've consulted with Shane Young on various projects over the years, ranging from business contracts, family law, real estate, and intellectual property. Given her broad range of experience, she is my go to attorney.

In every instance, Shane offered me a fresh perspective, and helped me to efficiently, successfully, and at all times, victoriously, accomplish the task at hand. She makes you a priority, keeps you updated, and makes herself easy to contact.

Shane is an attorney that is pleasant to work with on both sides of the case. Shane is a gorgeous and extremely fit woman, and although it may not be politically correct, people on both sides of a case may be more likely to negotiate with her because of that!

Shane will continue to be my go to attorney for years to come, as her efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity are greatly appreciated!

Marta Hedrick

As a senior citizen, I was really shaken up after my accident and didn’t know who to rely on for sound advice. Others had taken advantage of me in the past; I never know who I can trust. Shane immediately put my anxiety to rest. I knew I was in good hands. She was there for me when I needed support the most, and I’m forever grateful for her help, kindness, and patience. Not only did she calm my fears, she achieved the results I was looking for, which lifted the financial stress I was carrying prior to her representation.

Patrick Benninger

I want to thank Shane and her team for their tireless efforts on my case resolution. It was a lonely road at first. They stood by me and made a major difference in my life. I’m grateful for your help and will always appreciate the care and support you extended to my family and me. You made a painful process a lot easier. Thank you for that. I will always be your fan!

Kim Collier

There’s nothing scarier than being in an accident with your young child in the car. Within minutes of my accident, I spoke with Shane. She reassured me and told me she would take care of the situation. She made good on her promise, and I always felt like I was her only client. If it wasn’t for Shane taking care of my accident the way she did, I would be completely lost. She made a scary situation very calming and made sure I got the proper help I needed to get back on the road.

I’ve had other legal experiences in the past, but none compare to the service I received from her, not only with respect to my auto accident, but in other unrelated legal matters as well. I highly recommend Shane ANY time you need some legal help. I promise she will treat you like family. Not only is she a great lawyer, she’s a bad ass mom!

Desmon Farmer

I was devastated after being in a car accident and sustaining injuries that could have possibly ended my basketball career. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to play professionally again. Shane made sure that I received the proper medical care to get me back to where I needed to be, plus other financial damages to compensate for my losses. I was able to recover physically, emotionally, and financially as a result of Shane’s efforts.

Biesha Dixon

“Shane’s professionalism and reputation put her head and shoulders above the rest.”

Leonard Singh

“I’ve been able to call on her for counsel on many other matters and always appreciate her responsiveness.”

Patrick Byrne Partner – Snell & Wilmer

“She is unique in that she puts people first and goes the extra mile that others won’t.”


Will and estate planning today was a success... @younglawgroup is amazing, extremely detailed, and does such a great job of explaining all the things that can happen if you don't have a trust in place.

For all my parents out there...do you have a living will? What happens to your kids when you are gone? What happens to you if you can't speak for yourself with medical decisions? Do you have life insurance for both of you so your kids are protected and your partner should something horrific happen to you? Yes I know we don't like to think about these things but we have decided to protect our family and our assets for them.

Terrifying fact: if something happens to you and your children are home with a sitter in our case our au pair...without our paperwork in place our children would be taken from our home until they can be placed with someone in our family – child protective services is not getting my kids even for 1 night!!!

Shane is putting in place ALL THE THINGS to protect my babies and I'm so grateful for this experience and relieved we will have everything in place before our anniversary trip this September.

If you have questions, shoot me a message or reach out to Shane with @younglawgroup – when you join the membership your parents get their planning for 50% off...and if your parents are like ours, they don't have this in place either. #mommyanddaddygotyourback #protectyourfamily

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